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Kevin Valley, Chartered Business Valuator

Do you own a medium-sized business? Are you trying to raise capital to grow your business? Or perhaps you're looking for someone to value your company?

I can help.

I'm Kevin Valley, a Chartered Business Valuator from the island of Trinidad. For over 11 years, I've conducted business valuations and evaluated companies just like yours for debt & equity financing. With a network of successful business owners and financiers on hand, I can provide what you need.

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What is a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV)?

Value Measurement, Value Creation, Value Protection

The Chartered Business Valuators (CBV) Institute awards members the CBV designation only after passing a rigorous set of courses and exams.

We are uniquely trained to uncover risks, find hidden value and enable wise, valuation-based business decisions. You will understand how each key business element impacts the value of your business. We will unlock intangible assets that drive value, such as customer relationships, community relations, management capabilities, and alliances. We understand business risk and how to safeguard business value. We can protect your business with a constructive plan driven from valuation insight.

In other words, we’re competent. And we are trusted valuation advisors for your important business decisions.


Nneka Ruiz Montalvo

Manager, Branch Investments at RBC


Kevin is an industrious, dedicated and hard-working finance professional with a passion for excellence. His meticulous, thorough and detail-oriented approach makes him a valuable resource for his clients.

Professional Services

Here’s a list of my professional services:

> Advising on your business plan & financial proposal development
> Helping with financial modelling and forecasting
> Assessing your company’s financing needs & matching those to available financial options
> Preparing business valuations
> Guiding you in deal structuring, negotiations & due diligence

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It’s my job to determine the fair market value of your business. Rest assured, your assets & liabilities as well as unseen value additions like your brand & intellectual property will be accurately evaluated.

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Independent Valuations

Need to know the fair market value of your business? Need the report to stand up to public scrutiny? These reports are most suitable.

Advisory Valuations

I advise my clients to use this style when contemplating the purchase or sale of shares, assets or business interests.

Expert Reports

Maybe you need to quantify your economic losses as a result of the alleged harmful actions of others. Expert reports are expected. Here are the facts - valuators can be called upon to give expert testimony in courts. Noting this, it’s my duty to act independently when writing this report.

Limited Critique Reports

These are prepared to point out weaknesses or errors in a valuation report prepared by someone else.

Fairness Opinions

I recommend this if you need an opinion on the fairness of a proposed sale of shares of a company you have stock in. These are especially useful when a public company is considering going private.

Investment Entity Review Reports

You are a fund manager and your team has determined the underlying value of your holdings. To pass your audit however, you may need an independent valuator to conclude on the reasonableness of these valuations. This is where I come in.

Capital Raising Advisory

This is where I advise clients who seek financing to grow and scale their business. I close the loop by working with institutions that provide financing to businesses like yours.


Initial Meeting or Call

I employ a collaborative approach to determine assignment context, valuator role, deadlines, business interest for valuation, company info and fees for the project.


Engagement Letter

I will then prepare and issue an engagement letter summarizing our understanding of the terms of the engagement. This will form the contract by which the valuation work will be performed.


Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

With a single minded approach, I’ll identify that which influences the return, risk & growth factors of your business. This will be used to produce a detailed financial review of your company.


Review of Draft & Submission of Final Report

After you review the draft report, you should confirm agreement with the valuation approach used. The final report will be submitted. Now, you’re good to go!



Otis Murray:

Manager, Investment Research at RBC


Kevin is an excellent business valuation expert in both private and public companies. In addition, he is also an experienced financial expert. He is congenial, energetic, enthusiastic and detail oriented.

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